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Take up your pen

I’ve made my living by writing. Writing is fairly easy. Making what I write of a quality and topic that will allow me to get paid to do it is the hard part.

That’s why I am glad to see the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists issue a call to writers to make submissions to the Clarion, the organization’s official publication, which is published three times each year.

They don’t pay writers, but they do offer something that could put money in the pockets of writers.

PAN gives three prizes each year and they aren’t a bad inducement to sit down at the keyboard and get going.

An article judged as the first place winner for the year will be awarded a half-ounce American Eagle gold coin. Second place is a quarter-ounce Eagle and third place is a tenth-ounce Eagle.

Winners might consider themselves being paid in gold.

Obviously, everybody who sends in an article won’t win. However, the odds of winning are far higher than just about any contest I can think of.

Articles should be submitted to Dick Duncan, 611 Fairway Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603.

There is a catch. You have to be a member of PAN to get a prize. Check out the Web site at for additional details about membership.