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Take advantage of freebies

Free and the Internet seem to go hand in hand. Users expect things to cost nothing. It is not so with print publications, but there are still freebies there, too, and hobbyists should consider taking advantage of them.

Numismatic News offers all of its subscribers a free classified ad each week. Regular users get more value from the classifieds than they pay for the subscription.

Show organizers get a minimum of three free listings for their shows in the weekly Show Directory plus appearances in the twice yearly Show and Auction Guide if they get the notices of shows to us far enough in advance. That makes five free listings. All that is required basically is that the organizers ask.

Numismatic News includes a free show listing form in every issue. If snail mail isn’t the show organizer's cup of tea, he or she has the option of e-mailing the information to Lisa Dombrowski at They can even telephone (800) 573-0333 if they want to add paid listings to the free ones for just $10 a week.

I know that budgets are tight. Take advantage of these two freebies and stretch your hobby dollars.

Does this read like an advertisement? Well, I plead guilty. I am proud of the paper and its free services and I hope readers will take advantage of these free opportunities to enrich their hobby experiences.