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Susan B. Anthony had competition

Was Susan B. Anthony the only woman candidate for a place on the dollar of 1979?
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Was Susan B. Anthony the only woman candidate for a place on the dollar of 1979?
She was far outnumbered, but not outgunned. Well before the final decision was made, more than 60 other designs had been suggested to Congress, most of them American women.

Why didn’t they leave the mintmarks off the proof coins when they switched production from Philadelphia to San Francisco in 1968? The proof coins didn’t have a mintmark before that.

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The principal reason probably was the pressure that collectors had applied to get mintmarks restored after they were outlawed in 1965. As to the argument on proofs with mintmarks, I should point out that branch mint proofs with mintmarks have been struck for well over a century, so there is plenty of precedent. There is nothing in the definition of a proof that precludes a mintmark.

How do you tell the large date 1960 “P” and “D” cents from the small dates?
Key to identification is that for the 1960 “P” and “D” cents, the small date really is smaller than the large date. Easier to see is the way the digits are placed on the coin. On the small date, the “19” and “0” all have the tops in a straight line – a ruler laid across the tops will confirm this. On the large date, the top of the “9” is well above the “1” and “0,” so that a straight edge across the tops of the “1” and “0” will cut across the upper loop of the “9.”

In the literature of the hobby, there are a number of references to examination, or even ownership, of an 1895 circulation strike Morgan dollar. This doesn’t seem to jibe with present information.
It’s generally agreed that there are no known 1895 circulation strikes, but there are 880 proof strikes. They were reported by experts, including Abe Kosoff, who “owned and sold one;” Wayte Raymond, who mentioned in 1938 that they were “much rarer in uncirculated than in proof;” and Stuart Mosher, one time curator of the Smithsonian numismatic collection. About the only logical explanation is that they were well-worn proofs, well-worn altered coins or very clever alterations that escaped detection in the days of “eyeball” exams.

Why don’t you publish the values for the 1982 and 1983 mint sets? I have several of each and can’t find out what they are worth.
The government did not issue any Mint-packaged mint sets in 1982 and 1983, so that’s why we don’t carry any figures. Any sets that bear those dates were privately packaged and have no standing as compared to the government-packaged sets. They are worth only the total numismatic value of the individual coins. The government did issue souvenir sets from both Denver and Philadelphia in 1982 and 1983, but combining them does not make a mint set.

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