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Sunken treasure responses

In the May 24 Numismatic News E-Newsletter, Editor Dave Harper posed questions about sunken treasure. Read the questions and readers
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In the May 24 Numismatic News E-Newsletter, Editor Dave Harper asked the following questions:

Would you be a buyer of sunken treasure?
Have you ever bought treasure coins before?
Would you like more information?

Following are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers.

I have read some about this find in my local news paper, but I would enjoy reading more about the coins, how they were discovered, what type of coin they are and the value. I generally don?t but this type of coin, but I have decided to try and purchase one coin if they prices are reasonable.

Steve Gigliotti
Cheshire, Mass.

I have not purchased any sunken treasure coins in the past and I would not purchase any now. However, I find the stories very interesting.
I recall a terrific presentation about one of the early salvage operations given at an ANA Convention. Unfortunately, while the trusting presenter passed around samples of the treasure coins one disappeared.
So feel free to publish stories about the treasure. Would enjoy the history of the ship and the problems encountered in the salvage operation.

Robert Maisch
Mobridge, S.D.

Yes, I have purchased a couple of pieces of sunken treasure. This is the only way I can get a piece of history without driving into the water and getting the items myself.

Carl Jenkins
Chesapeake, Va.

I have bought six coins from ship wrecks. They were in a frame with all the information. Price $10. Another two coins in frame, ect. for $4. If the price is right I will buy more.

Tom Browe
Charlevoix, Mich.

Like everything else Dave, it depends on how crazy everyone acts. I would pay a fair price for these coins, but I am not selling my house just to maintain a hobby.
Boy, I sure like to vent about coin collecting these days. Let?s talk about oil companies. Just a little joke. Well it?s not really a joke. I might have to buy gas that week, then I wouldn?t be able to buy that $1,500 coin.

Terry Basham
Ekron, Ky.

I live on a fixed income and may dream of owning some treasure coins. I find that for the most part their price is way out of my league. I feel that if they were affordable they could be a great learning experience for my three grandchildren.

Roland C. Gauvin
Cumberland, R.I.

Yes , I am interested in more information.
Yes, I have purchased numismatic items from various deep sea finds.
Yes, I would consider purchasing from this recovery .

Michael Haider
St. Paul, Minn

I would be a buyer of only gold sunken treasurer only, if I had $10,000.
These coins do not have damage and can be numerically graded. The silver coins will have a shipwreck effect and therefore are like a cleaned coin and won?t be numerically graded by many grading services.

Rick Snow
San Lorenzo, Calif.

I purchased SS Republic coins.

Russell Larock
West Haven, Conn.

Yes, I would be very interested in seeing and possibly purchasing a coin(s) that has been retrieved from the Atlantic Ocean by Odyssey Marine Exploration. My main question would be, how would the public be assured that the coins they were purchasing were indeed sunken treasure retrieved from the Odyssey Marine Exploration? Also, wouldn?t they be ?pitted? from the salty sea water, especially the silver coins; and if cleaned wouldn?t they lose numismatic value? I imagine the gold coins would hold up better than the silver coins in sea water. I sure would like to view them. I hope they tour the United States in numismatic events so the public would have a chance to see and enjoy them.

Doris Anna Wright
Shermans Dale, Pa.

I have been to Mel Fisher?s museum in Key West and have actually gone treasure hunting for Pillar Dollars, Cobs, and Escudos. Unfortunately, all I found was sand and coral. However, I did purchase a nice piece of 8 (COB) from the museum store and wear it as a necklace.
I would be interested in buying a coin or two from this new find. The real issue is that the ?Treasure Salvors? have a tendency to overprice the coins. If you have seen the prices for the S.S. Republic coins then you know what I mean.

Jeff LaPlante
Rochester, N.Y.

I will buy some of this treasure. I have bought treasure coins before. This is a neat collection of coins from the bottom of the sea.

Richard Gaetano
Pittsburgh, Pa.

I have never bought treasure coins before but would be willing to now if they are at a reasonable price.

Perry Levin
Rockville, MD