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Sunday in Berlin

Berlin Doesn't Slow Down on Sunday!

Over the years we have all heard plenty of talk in the U.S. about getting coin dealers to stick around for the full show times on Sunday. Some shows required dealers to stay or incure penalties, some have even decided to end the show on Satruday night. No such problems in Berlin.

Sunday was every bit as active as Saturday. There were collectors milling around waiting for particular dealers to work with them, older gentlemen trotting around the floor filling up special show promotion free coin folders, families with small children discovering a new hobby, middle-aged folks buying silver commemorative coins and plenty of wholesalers making final arrangements with mint representatives. Pretty busy for a Sunday!

Of course, by midday Sunday there were dealers packing up and even some mints were closing shop, but even up to the last hour of the show, from 3-4pm, there were still dealers with full stock ready to do business and people were still buying coins.

Most of the Sunday business seemed to be centered around new issues, with special emphasis on the newest Euro releases. As noted by friend and fellow blogger George Cuhaj, both Cyprus and Malta have now issued their new Euro coinage and both loose coin groups and packaged mint sets were selling on the bourse floor in Berlin. The best Sunday special I saw was 5 Euro per set of the loose Euro coins for Malta and Cyprus.