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Sun almost ready to set on Kansas state quarter

Two-roll sets of Kansas quarter go off sale due to exhausted inventory. West Virginia launch date Oct. 14.

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the Kansas state quarter. Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday we first got a glimpse of that buffalo and sunflower motif?

I was just discussing that with a caller the other day. He was wondering when the West Virginia state quarter launch ceremony was. When I told him it was Oct. 14, he seemed incredulous, asking me if I was sure of that date.

Released on Aug. 29, it does seem like Kansas’ moment in the sun was all too fleeting.

Already, two-roll sets of the quarter have gone off sale, due to exhausted inventory. The last known sales figures are listed below. Same goes for the 25-coins rolls of the 2005 Sac. golden dollar, also gone due to exhaused inventory.

First-day coin cover fans rejoice: the sales figures are back and they include the Kansas cover. Have a question? Send all queries to my e-mail address at