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Summer collector sales begin to heat up

Things livened up considerably this week.

Things livened up considerably this week. Either hobbyists are in the mood to spend money on solid collectible issues, or the Mint?s accountants have come back from vacation.


The magic sellout asterisk has been added to the proof 2007 American Eagle one-ounce gold piece column. The total is the last known sales figure, but it is a good bet that the full 18,000 have been sold.

Silver proof American Eagles saw a healthy rise in sales of 12,383 to 525,639, but were outdone by sales of the burnished ?W? silver Eagle, which rose by 42,949.

Presidential four-coin proof sets have been added. The initial figure is 616,056, which shows a strong collector drive to add the coins to their collections.

On the other hand, the Little Rock Coin and Medal set hardly moved.