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Summer changes the subject

When summer weekends get going in earnest, do you think less about numismatics?

I sure do – and I get paid to think about the topic all year round.

That means on Monday morning I come into the office and feel like I have been gone for week.

My return to the office is welcome though, because the air conditioning helps my sinuses recover from my lawn mowing.

Over this past weekend, I saw there was an important Greek election.

It looks like they voted to tough out the austerity that is required to keep the euro as their currency.

What happened to the price of gold?

I checked the Kitco site and saw it has hardly moved, currently trading at $1,620 an ounce.

Silver similarly is at $28.39 an ounce, not much different from where it was when last I thought about it.

How about orders for the two-coin silver American Eagle proof set?

Even the lazy days of summer seem to affect it.

I checked the Mint’s sales odometer and saw that the number of sets has not moved by many. The present figure of 131,512 is up 6,141 from the 125,371 tally when I last checked last week.

It would seem the world and numismatics has survived my two days of mental neglect.

That gives me the “all clear” sign to do the same thing again next weekend.

Ah, summer.