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Summer break with Mom !

Car show week in Iola is the time of year when my Mom likes to visit. Usually it is part of a month rest for her from the Astoria NY neighborhood where she grew up, however this year, she is only visiting for two weeks, and tomorrow it is up, and she flies back to NYC.

However, as this is year 13 of such visits, she has gained a wide circle of friends who want to spend time with her, so it ment squashing four weeks of dinners, breakfests and a four day trip into Michigan (via the Lake Michigan Car Ferry) to visit sculptor friends.

This past weekend was that visit, and it was quite relaxing for us. I got to share some ideas with a fellow artisit, and he got to unload from his studio a table-top kilm and a large box of enameling colors.

So expect some expansion to the art portfolio in the future. The above drawing was done by sculptor friend Eugene Daub for mom's 75th birthday.