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Storms stop Mint deliveries

The tornadoes in the South have affected the Mint's ability to ship product. A statement was sent to me to explain. It follows below:

Severe Storm Impact On United States Mint Order Fulfillment
February 8, 2009

The severe weather that struck five Southern states on Monday, February 5, caused severe damage to the United States Mint’s contractor-operated fulfillment center in Memphis, Tenn.

Although the roof of the facility sustained damage from debris, luckily no one working in the building was injured.

The fulfillment center, as well as surrounding buildings, is still without power.

Clean-up operations inside and outside of the facility are ongoing.

The United States Mint’s assets are secure and are being protected 24/7.

Because of the tornado damage, we expect that the United States Mint will be unable to ship products from its fulfillment facility in Memphis for the next one to two weeks.

We believe we are fortunate that this disaster will mean only a short period of inconvenience to our numismatic customers, and we extend our deepest sorrow and support to those whose lives or loved ones have been more seriously affected by this catastrophe.

The Call Center in Plano, Texas, was not affected by the severe weather and continues to operate. We will continue to take orders through all channels while shipping is suspended.