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Storm, what storm?

Kudos to the U.S. Mint for getting me the weekly Mint Statistics figures even though the federal government was closed for two days because of Hurricane Sandy.

That’s going the extra mile. I appreciate it. Readers of Numismatic News benefit because they do not have to go without their weekly update on collector coin sales.

Did the storm have an impact on Mint sales? I expect it did.

I expect some numbers might be lower than they otherwise might have been.

I see buyers grabbed just 5,567 of the 2012-W silver American Eagle coins, so the running total remains under 800,000 at 795,915.

Uncirculated 2012-W silver Eagle buyers took just 1,537 coins. The running tally is 151,041, which is half the 303,736 level of the 2011 uncirculated, and which by the way is still being sold.

Platinum proof Eagle buyers took just 27 additional coins. So far 6,572 have been sold.

The initial sales rush is over for the Alice Paul First Spouse half-ounce gold coins. Only 242 proofs were sold and 124 uncirculated pieces. The proof total now stands at 2,352. The uncirculated total is 1,696.

The storm didn’t stop roll and bag buyers from pushing the 2012 San Francisco clad uncirculated Acadia Culture quarter past the 1 million mark. It reached 1,008,400. It still remains the lowest of the four S-mint quarters that have been offered so far in 2012.

Hawaii is 1,065,300. Chaco is 1,166,280. The reigning champion is still the first to go on sale, the El Yunque is at 1,537,800.

Thanks again to the U.S. Mint for getting these numbers to me.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."