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Stop in Hawaii on way to Guam

I had a phone call from retired Coin Market editor Bob Wilhite yesterday. Though he retired almost 10 years ago at the end of 1999, in some ways it seems like he just left.

I see him from time to time at the Crystal Cafe or elsewhere around Iola.

Now what do you think was on his mind?

He had tried to e-mail me a link to an article that he had read and it bounced. The article was about attempts in Hawaii to boost tourism, but there was a little numismatic kicker that he had noticed. He thought it was funny and figured I would, too.

A hotel, as part of its tourist-booster package, gives guests two Hawaii state quarters.

I laughed, too, but of course part of my good humor derived from the obvious enjoyment Bob was having relating the details to me.

While I rather doubt that the two quarters will be sufficient inducement to visit Hawaii if the beaches, sea breezes and laid-back ambiance won’t do it, perhaps just getting people to think about Hawaii for any reason helps.

Then again, perhaps we should organize a twofer. Stop in Hawaii overnight to collect the quarters on our way to Guam for a June 4 ceremony at Skinner Plaza in Hagåtña, where Mint Director Ed Moy will introduce the new territorial quarter along with the governor and first lady.

Are you laughing yet?

Well, remember, with the banking system so backed up here in the continental United States, you might just have to go to Guam to get the new coins before Thanksgiving.