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Stop by Krause booth at FUN

I came into work this morning a bit reluctantly. It is easy to get used to having time off.

However, I have a to-do list a mile long and the sooner I begin working on it, the sooner I will get done.

Others are probably in the same boat I am in. There is very little of consequence in my e-mail inbox, so those of us active in numismatics with few exceptions seem to have taken the New Year’s holiday as an opportunity to forget about numismatics for a short time.

Hobbyists are already beginning to gather in Orlando, Fla., to attend the Florida United Numismatists convention this week. Those attending the official and unofficial auctions have a very long work week ahead of them.

I head down there on Wednesday and I will not be sorry to leave this cold climate behind for a few days. If you will be attending, stop by the Krause booth and say hello. Let me know what you are thinking as hobby action cranks up for the next 12 months.

Gold jumped higher this morning. FUN show participants will probably treat it like an inverted Times Square ball. The higher it goes, the more rambunctious we might all be in the aisles of the bourse.

I read an online commentary that said half of those who have an interest in gold are thrill seekers. That could be, but such an interest seems more productive than bungee jumping. Coming to FUN strikes me also as being a more intelligent thing to do.

I had better get back to my to-do list before I alienate all of the thrill seekers.