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Still waiting for the Scout sellout

This is being posted about an hour later than usual because I started the day off at the dentist. My dentist’s crown-a-year plan seems to be in full operation despite my best flossing and brushing efforts.

As I sat in the chair as they pried off the temporary crown, I wondered when I would get the first nerve zinger, letting me know that the real work was getting under way.

Waiting for the first one is far worse than experiencing it. Once it hits, it sort of helps me mentally calibrate the level of discomfort and then I relax a little.

In some weird way, it was a little bit like waiting for the Boy Scout commemorative program to finally conclude with a sellout. I know it is coming. I just don’t know precisely when and how strong it will be.

Extrapolating from weekly U.S. Mint sales data has been an interesting mental exercise, but the weekly sales rate has been plunging.

This week just 8,007 more coins were sold. This is less than half the sales rate of 17,949 from the week before.

The upshot?

With 11,391 proofs left to go, we are still more than a week away from a sellout of all 350,000 coins. If the sales rate halves again this coming week, we are talking three weeks away.

Like my time in the dentist chair, I wonder when this program will end.

I have hope. The dentist put in the new crown in what seemed like record time this morning. Perhaps the end of the Boy Scout program now will be rapid.

But unlike the first zinger of this morning, I am still waiting to relax over the conclusion of the Boy Scout program.