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Still time for silver dimes

The three-coin March of Dimes Special Silver Set is still being sold on the U.S. Mint website for $61.95 each.

There was an initial rush of interest yesterday as within approximately 40 minutes of the commencement of order acceptance at noon Eastern Daylight Time the Mint had posted a message that the sets were on back order to allow more sets to be made with expected an expected shipping date of Aug. 14.

The explanatory message on the Mint’s website reads, “This item is available to be ordered now, but it is not currently in stock. Additional inventory is being made. Please add the item to your cart to see when additional inventory is expected to be available.”

Obviously, the 75,000 maximum number of sets has not yet been ordered or made.

I was not watching the ordering unfold as I was attending the funeral of an uncle when the set became available yesterday.

Staffer Connor Falk was watching. He has a personal interest. He placed an order for the maximum five sets yesterday at 12:13 Eastern Time.

He had no difficulty getting through, which I am sure the U.S. Mint will be pleased to know.

I have a couple of emails from readers reporting their success in getting their orders placed.

Tubac, Ariz., collector Bill Graney writes, “I thought you might enjoy reading the following experience I had today. I went on line today to order the March of Dimes Silver Set @ 09:00. I placed my order at 09:01 and received confirmation of the order at 09:02. Way to go U.S. Mint. Thanks.”

How unlike the experiences with the silver American Eagle sets several years back.

Charles Sullivan of Gaithersburg, Md., also was upbeat about his order.

He writes, “logged on to the U.S. Mint website at 12 noon today to order March of Dimes sets. My order was completed by 12:03 and I received an email confirmation by 12:06. “Amazon can’t top that performance!”

Congratulations are indeed in order for the Mint website’s smooth handling of the offer.

Obviously, any collector who wants to submit his sets for any early evaluation by a third-party grading service is now out of luck, but someone who simply wants a set and is willing to wait until August can still satisfy his desire.

How much longer this will be the case, I do not know as I write this, but I expect that information will be available soon.

I expect a sellout. If it is achieved with all happy experiences like those I have cited, then it will be a large step and positive step forward for the Mint and its many customers.

The set includes a reverse proof “P” mint silver dime, a regular proof “W” mint silver dime and a regular proof “W” March of Dimes silver dollar.

The two dimes will be available only in this set. If you want them, get going.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is winner of the 2014 Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."