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State quarter box comes back for a week

Reader Halbert Carmichael e-mailed me to ask whether it wasn

So, for a one-week engagement, I have moved the box back into position and the numbers are brought up to date. You might notice that the Oklahoma quarter from Denver now has the honor of holding the lowest mintage, which at 194,600,000 does not make it rare by any stretch of the imagination.

Moved off the page this week were most of the First Spouse numbers, though I was able to squeeze in the current Louisa Adams totals.

The Presidential First Day Cover numbers cooperated by hardly moving so nobody will lose much by ignoring them this week.

Other Presidential dollar items usually appearing also were moved off the page.

Silver American Eagles might be a surprise in that the weekly increase was fairly large and the June total is now larger than the May total, so the Mint is still increasing production to this point.

Platinum proof Eagle sales were suspended June 30 for repricing.