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Stack's Wilson Dollar

Two Gold Wilson Dollars in One Year

In my last posting I included an image of the gold Wilson Dollar which sold through Heritage in April and again this week. As a follow-up, I thought I should post images of the other gold Wilson Dollar which sold through Stack's in January, thus providing at one site a nice photographic record of two of the three know gold strikes.

Additionally, here are a few quick details about the Wilson Dollar medals in brief reference form:

  • Bronze mintage: 3,700
  • Silver mintage: 2,200
  • Gold mintage: 5
  • designed by Clifford Hewitt
  • dies cut by George T. Morgan
  • For Manila Mint opeing in 1920
  • Mint facility was first and only U.S. branch mint opened and operated outside the United States
  • U.S. Mint Chief Engineer Clifford Hewitt supervised the outfitting of the Manila Mint and the striking of the Wilson Medals
  • Original Manila Mint building was destroyed during WWII