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Snatch The Bacon

Snatch The Bacon was a fun game we played back when I was in Scouting. The object of the game was for one of two players, both with one hand behind their back, to snatch the hat on the ground and make it back to your home line without getting tagged by the other player or to fake out the other guy and get him to tag you when you were not holding the hat. For some reason the name of that game in my collecting mind has come to mean getting away with something while breaking some arbitrary or asinine rule forced upon me. For example several years ago I bought this badge on an internet auction site. The badge was for participants in a skiing competition held near Berchtesgaden in 1934. I really needed this badge as a companion piece for the event’s first place prize medal that resides in my collection. The badge depicts a ski jumper with three flags behind him; Nazi party flag with the forbidden swastika, the German National tri-color flag of that date and the sports association flag. My greatest fear was that some rat-fink would report the banned item to the auction site, so I asked the seller about the hallmark if any on back. That way I had his email if the badge got pulled off the site before the sale ended. I placed my bid and then sniped it in the final moments. Victory!!. I felt quite a rush just like in the old days when I Snatched The Bacon.