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Simon Bolivar - The Great Liberator

Auction Lot of the Week

Bolivar Proves to be Liberating!

In looking through the Stack's Coin Galleries auction set for July 18th I noticed a dazzling Bolivar medal listed as lot number 2155. Collecting Simon Bolivar medals is a nice hobby for many South and Central American numismatists. Bolivar was such an influential man in 19th Century Latin American politics that he has been honored on more medals and coins than any other single figure from that time period, making his image a vast collecting field.

This particular medal has a spectacular design with a bold portrait of Bolivar on the obverse and a glorious Condor on the reverse. The dates below Bolivar’s bust are his birth and death dates, 1783 to 1830 and on the reverse the Arms of Spain are overshadowed by all things Bolivar as the legend declares him the LIBERTADOR of Venezuela, Colombia, Equador and Bolivia.

The Great Liberator had a huge effect on the world as we currently know it and that is why he has been honored so often on coins and medals. Check out this medal at Stack's website and perhaps you will be bitten by the Bolivar collecting bug as well.