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Silver Surfer Quarter Drops

Decline of the Silver Surfer...quarter

Back on June 1st, I posted a story about the Silver Surfer applique quarters produced by the Frankiln Mint and released by Twentieth Century Fox to promote their new Marvel Entertainment film venture Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. At that time examples were selling on eBay in a range from $90 to $150 in the midst of high anticipation of the film from anxious comic and film fans. Coin and token types may have been involved in the early fray as well, although the reported mintage of 40,000 may have kept them at bay, waiting for possible lower prices after the films release on June 15th.

Here we are on June 22nd, a week into the films theatrical run and I thought we'd take a minute to check in on the strength of the market. Looking over the past week on eBay it seems that most Silver Surfer quarters that sold went within a range of $45 to $75 a piece. Many multiple item lots are now being offered with four to five coin groups bringing $200 to $250 or so. Lots opening above $50 seem to go unsold for the most part.

So it has developed into a much softer market, with what seems like less demand and a continuing supply. We'll check things again after the movie has finished it's primary theater run and then see where the market settles in after Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has closed.

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