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Silver proofs without tension

Chomping at the bit to buy the 75th anniversary San Francisco two-coin proof silver American Eagle set when it goes on sale June 7?

Wondering if your online connection speed is up to the task?


Don’t worry.

Your order will be filled no matter how slow your online connection time might be, or whether your phone has an automatic redial.

The Mint has changed its way of doing things.

Buyers will have 28 days to place their orders. All who meet the July 5 deadline will have there orders honored.

Price is an unknown this far in advance.

Unless silver goes bananas between now and then, I expect the set will cost somewhere in the vicinity of what two regular “W” proofs cost, or roughly $120 plus the cost of the nicer box.

What could overturn this rosy scenario?

I suppose if buyers want 10 million sets the Mint would have a problem, but if demand is within the usual range between 100,000 and 1 million, things should work out.

Why the change?

After the hullabaloo following the sellout of the 25th anniversary set last fall do you have to ask?