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Silver medal marks Liberty’s return

Liberty is making a comeback.

Gary Marks, former chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, wrote about the 2016 American Liberty silver proof medal June 15.

2016-W silver proof American Liberty medal.

2016-W silver proof American Liberty medal.

“During my tenure as the chairman of the CCAC, I worked hard along with members of my committee to revive images of ‘Liberty’ on U.S. coins and medals,” he said. “This silver medal is the result of our efforts.”

The silver proof medal features the same design as the 2015-W $100 gold High Relief American Liberty coin. Striking it as a silver medal allows collectors an affordable opportunity to own the design.

Both the West Point and San Francisco Mint facilities will strike the medals. Their mintmarks, “W” and “S” respectively, will appear.

Mintage limits, pricing and a release date have yet to be released.

Marks said he is looking forward to more Liberty coin and medal programs.

“I am very pleased that plans to produce another silver Liberty medal are in the works for 2017,” he said. “Hopefully these Liberty medals will become an annual series, a CCAC recommendation.

“It is my further hope that collectors will support this program with strong sales as a demonstration to the Mint’s leadership team and key members of Congress that ‘Liberty’ does indeed sell. Ultimately, I want Miss Liberty to be restored to our circulating coinage.”

It’s been almost 70 years since Liberty appeared on circulating coinage. Perhaps it’s time she returns.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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