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Silver & Gold Push on Towards New Heights

Gold & Silver Push On

Although precious metals have endured a great deal of cautionary commentary of late, weak conditions in the stock market, failure at major mortgage companies, over extension in credit, problems with the banking industry, weakness with the U.S. dollar and corrections in the rise of crude oil have all conspired to keep gold and silver at the forefront of stable liquid investments. With all living costs on the rise and the economy weak beyond belief, gold is one solid concern on a sketchy horizon.

In the early part of this week gold made another run at $1,000 an ounce, but fell short. It rests this morning, after some profit consolidation, at about $975. Silver sits at just about $19.00.

In the coin market the last 12 month have been phenomenal. Prices for classic material have been driven through the roof by a weakened dollar and burgeoning spot prices.

Lately, all of my time is being spent pushing up prices of 17th Century German States, Austrian, French and other central European coinage for our upcoming 4th edition of the 1601-1700 Standard Catalog of World Coins. To view my progress and see just how extensive and critical these updates are, please stop over at and register. For about $80.00 a year you can be at the leading edge of all things numismatic. You can see updates, additions and price changes months before the rest of the hobby gets them in the print edition.

You see what's happening, now you can know what's coming.