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Silver Eagle sales find bottom

After a sharp drop in the sale of silver American Eagle coins in the month of February, the popular bullion coin might be finding a bottom in the month of March.

Silver Eagle0411

With a week to go, sales stood at 1,295,000 silver American Eagles by March 23. That figure is up slightly from 1,215,000 in February.

The February number was down 76 percent from January sales of 5,127,500.

March gold demand was still looking for a bottom.

With a week to go, 18,000 ounces of gold (in four bullion coin sizes) have been sold. This compares to 27,500 ounces in February and 117,500 in January.

The February number was down by 77 percent from the January level.

So far, the March number is down by 85 percent from January sales.

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