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Silver bullion sales rebound in September

Numbers inching closer to January mark.

It was an impressive comeback for silver bullion in September.

In a way, it sort of reminds me of that NFL playoff game where the Buffalo Bills were down 35-3 at halftime and rallied for the win.

This time, it was the Mint spiking the ball in the end zone and doing a goofy touchdown celebration dance.

Four days before the end of the month, sales sat at 300,000. When all was said and done, the Mint had recorded final sales numbers of 725,000 – an increase of 110,000 from the final numbers for August.

After a three-month slump that lasted from May through July, silver bullion seems to be on the rebound. The 725,000 recorded for September is the highest total since January.

New to the Mint Statistics this week are the sales figures for the Westward Journey nickel set. So far, a total of 106,737 have been sold. It’s available from the Mint’s fall catalog for $12.95 apiece.

Another item for sale from the catalog is the West Virginia First Day Coin Cover. Like all covers, it costs $19.95 and bears a postal cancellation from a significant location within the state.

The Mint cautions however that because of the timing of the striking and release of the West Virginia quarter, availability of the West Virginia First Day Coin Cover will be delayed until November.

The launch ceremony for the new West Virginia quarter was scheduled for Oct. 14. Expect sales figures for it very soon, along with the final numbers for the Kansas quarter, which is hot on the heels of the Oregon quarter in terms of sales of 100-coin and 1,000-coin bags.

By the time Oregon said goodbye, a total of 40,348 100-coin bags had been sold, along with 2,348 of the 1,000-coin bags.

Now in the homestretch, Kansas is up to 37,299 sales of 100-coin bags and 2,114 of 1,000-coin bags. It should be a photo finish to see whether Kansas beats Oregon in sales.

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