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Sieze that Siege Coinage!

Auction Alert - Siege Coinage

In the Stack's Coin Galleries auction, set to close July 18th, there is a nice sized offering of Siege Coinage. There are more than 20 lots of Siege coins listed, some are multiple coin lots. most types are seldom seen, while a few are quite scarce. The Palma Nova 50 Centisimi of Venice is a very lovely example, nicer than most we have seen over the last few years and the Tournai 8 Sols from the Spanish Netherland is a pleasant example for this seldom seen type.

This collection also sports one of the rare Cattaro Siege pieces, from Montenegro. These coins were issued by the French defenders of this port city during the Montenegrin and British siege of 1813. The French cast silver coins during the siege in denominations of one, five and 10 Francs. The piece offered in the Stack's sale is a one Franc, Km#1, graded extremely fine and estimated conservatively at $300-400. It wouldn't shock me if the closing price was double that.

If you are inetrested in starting a Siege Coin collection, this might be a good time to get your feet wet with this attractive selection at Stack's.