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Should Congress authorize a Mark Twain silver dollar?

This week, readers sound off on the proposed Mark Twain commemorative, slated for 2013.        
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From the March 5 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Q. Should Congress authorize a Mark Twain silver dollar for 2013?


I think it would be a grand idea in the clad half dollar format. The U.S. Mint should expand on this idea by issuing a yearly commemorative aimed at young people, featuring prominent non-political Americans of every stripe from authors, the poets, to interesting historical figures. I could see a clad half dollar each year at an affordable price, to include a little booklet describing the life of the individual.

Malcolm Johnson
Vista, Calif.

Yes, I think a Mark Twain commemorative coin should be put before congress. He is an American icon.

Glenn Saulsbury
Easton, Md.

You have my positive vote! And another reason for the “Yes” vote is that it could be a launching point to honor the many great authors of our glorious history. It’s time we collected on the milestone heros of our history to bring the attention to the younger generations before we lose our once proud country. Let them be aware of the greatness of what our country once was!

Kenyon Miers
Esperance, N.Y.

No. The year 2013 has nothing to do with Mark Twain, his life or his literary works. This is another example of the commemorative coin program gone amok. I say stop abusing the commemorative coin program just to get money from collectors and make the organizations and groups raise it themselves.

B. D. Reger
Trenton, Mo.

Yes, it should be authorized, followed by authorization for a Will Rogers coin.

 Jerome Blackman

I think it is a great idea. An obverse of Mark Twain writing and a reverse of a River Boat would make a truely collectable coin.

Ron Miller
Maynard, Iowa

Yes, I definitely think such a coin would be a good idea. Twain is more beloved and deserving than many already honored on coins.

Douglas G. “Rocky” Denton
Ennis, Texas

A Mark Twain coin would be a very nice collectable. I sure would buy a few of them. He is very much a part of our history.

Dewitt Duckett
Gastonia, N.C.

As long as they put the river boat on the reverse that would be great!

T. Marsh
San Diego, Calif.

Yes! I like the idea of a Mark Twain coin in 2013.

Joe Olszewski
Warren, Mich.

I think it’s a great idea!

Burt Neblo
Gilbert, S.C.

No, I do not think they should make a Mark Twain dollar. We do not need a coin for every historic figure. This flood of coins for every person in the history books, must stop! Even if people buy them from the Mint, who will buy them later on when these people try to resell them?
What we need is a few well thought out, well planned, and truly beautiful coins that show what America is about at the core. Miss Liberty did a great job of this. She told the world, through our coins, that America values freedom. Even if we don’t get Miss Liberty on our coins again, we need something other than just historic figures.

Daniel Sheffer
Shelby Township, Mich.

Why shouldn’t we have a Mark Twain if we can have a Duke Ellington Quarter?

Terrill Williams
Paola, KS

In a word... NO , Not just no, but hell know!
If the mint could make it for profit, then ok, But if it cost the US taxpayer 1.7 cents to make a penny ...what is the damn point???

Mark Hall
Coconut Creek,FL

Yes, I’m for a Mark Twain silver dollar

Bill Landgren
Edina, Minn.