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Sellouts, reconciliations big news this week

A while back, we had a talk about reconciliations. To refresh your memory, a reconciliation is the Mint?s term for those sales where an order is canceled because a wrong shipping address is given or a customer?s credit card is rejected, that kind of thing.

Is it starting to come back to you now? Good, because the Mint was reconciling all over the place between Dec. 21 and Dec. 27, the day the statistics for this issue?s boxes were compiled. There are too many to mention here. Just be aware that sales figures for a number of products were adjusted downward from those provided in the Jan. 3 issue.

Notice too, the number of sellouts the Mint is reporting, including four Official First-Day Coin Covers having to do with the Westward Journey Nickel Series. West Virginia sales were added to the coin covers box.

Also, be aware that the Mint has reported no bullion sales since Dec. 7. Have a question? Send me an e-mail at