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See you at Chicago? Milwaukee? Dentist?

There is a very strange feeling I get when I know I am about to be very busy. The second half of April is packed with numismatic events of various kinds.

I will be heading down to Chicago for the Chicago International Coin Fair next week. It runs April 22-April 25.

The Central States Numismatic Society convention will be held the following week, April 28-May 1.

While I am preparing to be in motion, the long-awaited debut of the America the Beautiful quarter series occurs April 20 in Hot Springs, Ark, and the new $100 Federal Reserve Note will be unveiled April 21 in Washington, D.C.

I will not personally be attending the latter two events, but I will be keenly following them as they occur.

Throw in a sentence in the dentist’s chair for a new crown April 21, and you get the idea.

I often marvel at how dental appointments made months ahead of time can end up falling in the middle of weeks that are busy for other reasons.

I look forward to seeing everyone else who can make it to Chicago and Milwaukee to see what’s going on and to collect reactions to the new quarters and new $100s.

In the meantime, this week, I had better enjoy the attractions of Iola in the springtime while I can.