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See three numismatic greats

One of the great benefits of being the editor of a newspaper that serves the numismatic hobby is all of the people I have been able to meet and interact with over the years.

There is a great deal in every collector that is similar, but each set of hobby experiences is unique.

More than once in listening to others I have had the thought that the story being told could have been mine if I had begun collecting a little sooner, or arrived at a show at the right time, or gotten my order into the Mint a little bit faster.

I think we have all been there.

Stack’s Bowers sent me an email this morning that got me thinking along these lines.

The firm is planning to hold a symposium March 28 at the Baltimore Convention Center during the Whitman show. It will feature three individuals who are giants in the numismatic field.

The first is Q. David Bowers. In addition to his great success as a coin dealer since he began his career in 1953, he has personally chronicled the numismatic age we have been living in as well as the past.

His book “Coins and Collectors,” which was published in 1964 inspired me to dig much more deeply into this field.

If I had not read the book, would I still have become a numismatic editor? I have asked myself that more than once over the years.

Harvey G. Stack is the second person in the symposium. His numismatic roots go back to his family’s firm in the 1940s in New York City.

His memories encompass so much that he told me stories about my old boss Chet Krause in 1952 that I would never have known otherwise. Spending time in conversation with him I have always found to be both valuable and a pleasure.

Lawrence R. Stack, Harvey’s son, is the youngster of the group, but he has four decades under his belt and a wealth of experience to draw from.

It should be a fascinating event. If you have a chance to attend, do so.

Christine Karstedt, executive vice president of Stack’s Bowers says there will be an opportunity to be photographed with Dave Bowers and Harvey Stack.

Having such a souvenir on the wall of your home den or office is something you will treasure for as long as you are a collector. It will be autographed for you as well.

Please RSVP to confirm your planned symposium attendance and your desire to be photographed by email to

I have had my chance.

It is now time for yours.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is winner of the 2013 Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."