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SCWC 21st Century Volume, 6th edition off to the printer !

Early this week our design team was placing the final touches on the cover for the 6th edtion of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, 2001-date.

This volume has really come of age with this edition. It is a substantial 744 pages packed with listings and photos of circulating and commemorative world coins minted since just 2001. That is nearly 70 pages of listings per year! It has been a busy time.

There have been advancements in illustrations - better coverage for Australia, Canada, China, Niue, Ukraine and many many others. Listings have been filled out for several countries with the assistance of several contributors. Expect more filling out in the 7th edition, that is a priority of mine for the summer and fall season!

And then there is the pricing. My associate Tom Michael had been kept very very busy changing, I would really have to think all the prices of coins with silver and gold in them just to keep up with the rising market since the 5th edition.

So, collectors of world coins, this book is for you, use it well and enjoy.

All this informaiton, and illustrations, are currently available on the web based product at You can view the numbers, descriptions and photographs there for free, however the date/mintmark and price information is by subscription.