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Tom's Recommended Film of the Week


This past week I had a desire to watch some Woody Allen movies. Don't know why, just thought it might be fun. Allen has directed so many films that I had plenty to choose from, so I limited my picks to films I had never seen before.

Two comedies that made the list were The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and Scoop. As you can see, my recommendation is Scoop, which does not bode well for the Scorpion. These two films have much in common. Both put Allen in a roll opposite a beautiful, younger, blonde leading lady. Each offers witty dialogue and tries to spark up some chemistry between Allen and the actress.

In the case of the Scorpion, Helen Hunt and Allen are pitted against each other as opposing dynamic forces in a love/hate relationship. The dialogue is weak and while Hunt's delivery is quick and snappy, Allen's fails to compliment. No chemistry developes between the two and the film is flat as a result.

With Scoop however, Allen is set off as a counterpart to Scarlett Johansson, a kind of partner in a mysterious adventure. This allows dialogue to take place on two levels, at two rhythms. Allen can mutter jokes, while Johansson thinks out loud. Add in Hugh Jackman, as a love interest for Johansson and it all works quite nicely as a Shakespeare like farce.

is a wonderful little piece of inventive entertainment. Take it home on a Friday night and relax from a tough week.