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Well, we snuck the total mintage of 337,000 in last week under the 2006 header. The Mint was to begin accepting orders for the 2007-dated one-ounce Buffalo bullion coins as of Feb. 21, a date after this issue goes to press, but before the current cover date. Delivery to dealers will begin Feb. 26.


This is an object lesson as to why sales numbers and mintage numbers aren?t always the same.

There are also leftover 2006 American Eagle bullion coins. Dealers were given a deadline of Feb. 20 for making final orders. After that, presumably, the remaining supply will be melted and final mintage numbers can be calculated.

Initial sales numbers of 2007 proof gold American Eagles show 5,695 ounce, 844 half-ounce, 1,118 quarter- ounce, 3,702 tenth-ounce coins and 4,476 four-coin sets have been taken.