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Routine problems; how wonderful

I kept one eye on the financial markets all day yesterday. I am sure I was not alone.

Beyond that, though, it was a pretty routine day with routine calls. I guess I need that.

I had one telephone call from an older collector who called me up to ask for the Mint’s telephone number.

I asked him what it was he wanted to get from the Mint, thinking that perhaps he was after mintage statistics, which has been a popular call this month.

That was not the case.

He replied, “I want to buy some coins.”

He did not add, “you idiot,” but that was his tone of voice.

I told him the number is 1 (800) USA-Mint.

“It doesn’t work. I need a number that works. Give me somebody (else) who has a number that works.”

“Well, I replied, everyone here has the same number I do. It is the Mint order number.”

We went round and round a bit. It seems like it takes three repetitions when I cannot give callers what they think they want. I tried to emphasize my point by saying that I know it is the Mint order line because I have used it regularly over the years. If it was out of order at the moment, I did not know, but it is the correct number.

He insisted it wasn’t. He said he got a woman who wanted to party on that line. He said he even tried the line for the hearing impaired and said that didn’t work either.

I said I would call and check. He said he wanted to hang on while I did so.

I telephoned the order number and it connected right away without problem. Good news except I accidentally cut off the caller before I could tell him.