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Rewarding things you sometimes see on television

This past weekend, while recovering from a series of bad meals, I watched way too much television.

However, I also thought about the changeover to the digital broadcasting by stations which should have happened on February 17th, but has now been granted an extension. Well, we were able at one time (when the program was funded) to get a $40 credit card to purchase a converter box. I did not apply, but now I think that as a goverment issued card (which would also expire in 90 days) it would be some sort of numismatic collectable in the future.

On a more rewarding note, I was watching a series of shows on one of the salvage ships scoping wrecks in the English Channel. When they were interviewing one of the crew members about some stuff, in the backgroud you can see part of their on-board ship research libriary, and just over his shoulder was visible the spine of three volumes bolding stating: WORLD COINS - our fine books! (Sadly, they were not the current editions.)

We will have to work on that one!