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Reward offered in Bust half theft

A reward of $16,000 is being offered by the Bust Half Nut Club.

It is seeking information leading to the recovery of 19 coins stolen from a member’s hotel room Jan. 6, 2017, during the Florida United Numismatists convention in Fort Lauderdale.

The reward amount will probably continue to grow.

The stolen coins are valued at over $40,000.

Fort Lauderdale police and Doug Davis of the Numismatic Crime Information Center are investigating the burglary.

Contact Davis at (817) 723-7231, or

Through the efforts of BHNC secretary Steve Herrman and Professional Numismatists Guild dealers Sheridan Downey and David Kahn, the reward fund has been assembled.

It is being administered by BHNC. It will be offered to any person who provides information leading to recovery of the stolen coins.

Questions regarding the reward may be directed to Herrman at .

A list of the stolen coins appears below.

The coins are listed 1-19, followed by denomination, date , variety, grading service, grade, certification number, whether there is a photo (Y or N) and pedigree where applicable.

1) 01C 1864 Judd-335 NGC MS65 185472-005 (Y) No pedigree

2) 50C 1795 O-103a NGC VF30 3809196-015 (Y) Hilt Collection

3) 50C 1808 O-110 PCGS XF45 33543154 (Y) Link

4) 50C 1809 O-110 PCGS XF40 33543155 (N) No pedigree

5) 50C 1809 O-111 PCGS AU55 33543156 (N) No pedigree

6) 50C 1812 O-104a PCGS AU58 81469525 (N) No pedigree

7) 50C 1814 O-103 PCGS AU58 (N) No pedigree

8) 50C 1817 O-108a PCGS VF35 33543158 (N) No pedigree

9) 50C 1818 O-113 PCGS AU55 33543159 (N) No pedigree

10) 50C 1822 O-105 PCGS AU58 29293087 (Y) Frederick-Link

11) 50C 1822 O-113 PCGS AU53 (N) No pedigree

12) 50C 1823 O-110 NGC CAC AU58 3809010-016 (Y) No pedigree

13) 50C 1824 O-117 PCGS AU55 33543160 (N) No pedigree

14) 50C 1827 O-132 PCGS AU58 81612459 (N) No pedigree

15) 50C 1827 O-144 PCGS AU53 82237716 (Y) No pedigree

16) 50C 1829 O-102 PCGS AU58 82139155 (N) No pedigree

17) 50C 1829 O-105 PCGS CAC AU58 32177593 ? (N) No pedigree

18) 50C 1830 O-112 PCGS AU55 81318215 (Y) Link

19) 50C 1836 O-121 PCGS VF20 31445403 (Y) No pedigree

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