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Remember Legacies of Freedom Set?

I had a good question in my email this morning.

My answer I am less satisfied with.

Even though I have the information the writer wants and can send it to him, I could not get it by turning to a handy price guide.

This following is the text of the message to me:

“A coin set that I purchased directly from the U.S. Mint, in 2003. This set is titled ‘Legacies Of Freedom,’ a two-coin set, U.S. And United Kingdom Silver Bullion Coin Set, American Eagle Silver $1 Bullion Coin, of 31.10 grams, and .999 fine Silver, and U.K. Britannia Silver 2 pound Bullion coin, of 32.45 grams, and .958 Britannia Silver. These are in a special container, wrapped in cellophane, and never opened.

“Can you tell me what value this set may have today. I cannot even find the initial price that I paid the Mint for this.

“Thank you in advance for any help or advice on this.”

I had only a vague recollection of the set.

I googled it.

The Mint issued a press release about it Jan. 20, 2004, to announce the set’s availability as of Jan. 28, 2004.

Issue price was $49.99.

For the current price, I also googled.

My search took me to a posting on the APMEX website, a site I have always found very useful.

For collectors who want to buy it today and pay by check or wire, the cost is $79.99 with free shipping.

This retail price is higher than issue price, which would make any buyer feel good.

However, if the sender wants to sell the set today, he will probably not do much better than to break even with it.

There is nothing about the silver American Eagle coin to make it special in the eyes of American collectors.

The coins in the set are like any of the 8,495,008 silver American Eagle bullion coins struck in 2003.

I will send this information by email back to the collector who has asked the questions.

I hope it is useful.

But it does raise the question once again about how many of the various packages that the Mint issues each year should be listed in standard price guides.

In this case, it hasn't been listed. Should it?

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