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Registry set up for viewing

Deep mirror prooflike Morgan silver dollars collection to be displayed by the Professional Coin Grading Service at the FUN convention in Orlando.
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The highest ranked Professional Coin Grading Service Set Registry collection of deep mirror prooflike Morgan silver dollars will be displayed by the PCGS at the Florida United Numismatists annual convention in Orlando, Fla. Jan. 4-7, 2007.

?We will exhibit the David Miller collections of basic and variety prooflike Morgan dollars, currently the top sets of their kind in the PCGS Set Registry. Both sets are 100 percent complete with a total of 117 coins each with gorgeous cameo surfaces. It?s an impressive accomplishment in numismatics and certainly an impressive exhibit for collectors to view in person,? said B.J. Searls, Set Registry manager.

Free copies of an illustrated, educational booklet about the collection will be available at the booth during the convention.

The coins in the basic Morgan set of the Miller collection have a weighted grade point average of 65.43 comparedwith a perfect GPA of 67.78 for this set. More than 80 percent of the coins are certified as DMPL.

Highlights of the exhibit include: 1879-CC capped die MS-63 DMPL; 1886-O MS-64 DMPL; 1889-CC MS-63 DMPL; 1890-CC tail bar MS-64 DMPL; 1892 MS-65 DMPL; 1892-S MS-61 DMPL; 1893-O MS-63 DMPL; 1895-S MS-64 DMPL; 1897-S MS-66 DMPL; 1898-S MS-64 DMPL; 1899 MS-66 DMPL; and 1904 MS-64PL.

For more information, contact PCGS at, or (800) 477-8848, or