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Real coin collecting better than a movie

Need a top-graded Carson City Morgan dollar to finish your set?

Here’s your chance.

A $1.2 million Morgan silver dollar purchase made by Barry Stuppler makes it possible.

The Woodland Hills, Calif., dealer has purchased 14 Carson City coins for that sum.

The Number One finest-of-all-time set of circulation strike Carson City Morgan dollars comprises 13 of the coins.

This is the Ponderosa Collection as rated by the Professional Coin Grading Service Set Registry®.

Stuppler acquired it intact.

The 14th coin is another high-grade Carson City dollar.

Seller of the coins is an anonymous Nevada collector whom Stuppler assisted in acquiring them.

The coins will be sold off by Stuppler individually.

“As part of our company policy, we are going to give our current clients on the PCGS Carson City Morgan dollar registries the first chance to acquire these coins to improve their collections. Whatever coins may remain will be offered on our website,,” said Stuppler.

Obviously the top coins are not cheap, but the competitive nature of the builders of registry sets assures that they will find new homes.

The coins and their grades are:

• 1878-CC PCGS MS66+

• 1879-CC PCGS MS66+, finest known, none graded higher

• 1880-CC PCGS MS67

• 1881-CC PCGS MS68, tied for finest known

• 1882-CC PCGS MS67+

• 1883-CC PCGS MS68, tied for finest known

• 1884-CC PCGS MS67+

• 1885-CC PCGS MS68+, finest known, formerly in the Jack Lee and Coronet collections

• 1889-CC PCGS MS64PL

• 1890-CC PCGS MS66

• 1891-CC PCGS MS66+

• 1892-CC PCGS MS67+, finest known

• 1893-CC PCCGS MS65, formerly in the Eliasberg Collection

• No. 14 is an 1879-CC graded PCGS MS65+PL

Even for those of us who won’t be buyers, there is a lesson here.

When you consider these grades, you realize the seller has come a long way from his childhood Lincoln cent album.

Though we don’t know who it is, some background information about the seller was provided.

He bought his first Carson City dollar in 2008. Stuppler was his mentor.

That was the year of the stock market crash.

Putting a set together over 10 years is proof that collectors can and do go about fulfilling their hobby goals no matter what external factors might be occurring.

The anonymous collector apparently has a yen to produce a movie.

May he be as successful in that undertaking as he was with Carson City Morgan dollars.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017 . He is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."