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Readers request First Day Covers update

First Day Coin covers are the stars of this week
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First Day Coin covers are the stars of this week?s column as they make a return visit for the first time in a very long time. It got to be an easy habit to ignore them because they do not move very much. But, perhaps inspired by the fact that the Washington dollar First Day Coin Cover sold out in the period April 4-16, collectors responded to our request for feedback last week and asked for an update. The Washington First Day Cover total is not included. The maximum that could be sold was 50,000, but the Mint has not yet reported a final number.


Several readers have inquired about the changeability of Mint numbers. Yes, the numbers sometimes move oddly. The changes are large sometimes. It is part of the process. There is risk in looking at weekly raw numbers. Accountants understand. Our parent firm is still finalizing its financial statement for 2006. We imagine other firms are also.