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Quite a haul

I drove down to Milwaukee after my day at the office last night. I checked into the Hilton Hotel about 9 p.m. The Central States Numismatic Society convention is now under way.

Yesterday was PNG Day. Today is Professional Preview Day. Tomorrow the public will be let in. I have no idea what might have happened here yesterday. The hotel lobby was empty last night as were the surrounding streets, so I did not bump into anyone who might have clued me in to whatever I might need to know.

With gold and silver prices fairly firm and stable this morning, I would expect that business conditions will depend pretty much on the internal dynamics of the numismatic market. We will see, but I am getting ahead of myself.

My first task is to get over to the convention center and unload the boxes of papers and books that were sent down with me. There are a lot of boxes. That means I won’t have to put a suit on until I get the hauling done.

When I am not wearing a suit, it is as good as a disguise. Most people expect to see a tie around my neck. When it is not there I get comments. This morning I look forward to the comments. Hauling boxes, not so much.