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Quick delivery for gold

Deliveries have started as sales stall.

Deliveries have started as sales stall.

It might no longer be a sellout possibility, but collectors who ordered the 47,884 gold Standing Liberty quarters on the first day they were available are impressed by their quality.

One individual who telephoned Numismatic News Sept. 13 is as old as the 1916 design itself.

The centenarian said he had just received his gold Standing Liberty coin. He thinks the quality is outstanding.

New orders for the gold Standing Liberty quarter began to stall when it became clear buyers on the first day fell far short of the maximum 100,000-coin mintage.

After that fateful first day, only 5,494 more were purchased between Sept. 8 and the Sept. 11 cutoff point for the Mint’s weekly sales report.

The order total now stands at 53,378, which is a tad more than the 52,000 mintage of the original silver 1916 Standing Liberty quarter.

If demand patterns are similar to what has prevailed with prior offerings that didn’t sell out, maybe another 3,000 will be sold by the time the next Mint accounting deadline of Sept. 18 arrives.

Collectors seem to have moved on to their next opportunity.

On eBay, secondary market action for the gold Standing Liberty quarter is subdued.

Top graded coins are still offered for $749, but how many of these are being purchased?

Smart buyers can probably pick a coin up in original government packaging for not much more than what the Mint is charging. But that being the case, why wouldn’t collectors just order the gold Standing Liberty from the Mint at its $485 issue price?

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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