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Quarter promotes movie

Did you get a Silver Surfer quarter in your change yet? There are supposed to be 40,000 of them out there. They were put into the banking system by 20th Century Fox to promote the June 15 debut of the studio’s new movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It is called the “Search 4 $ilver” campaign.

I don’t expect to see one here in Numismatic News’ hometown of Iola, Wis. It would take a while for them to find their way here and sharp-eyed movie and comics fans will grab them long before they circulate to rural Wisconsin.

If you do find one before June 4, go to the official Web site,, and register for the prizes. The top one is a four-day trip to the movie’s premiere in London, England, on June 12.

Yes, I know I am being a shill for the promotion. But, hey, I would like to visit London just as much as the next guy. Perhaps the winner will send me a postcard.

If you do find a Silver Surfer quarter, what you will have is a California State quarter from 2005 onto which is affixed some sort of decal-like device on the reverse that depicts the Silver Surfer.

The advertising piece was created by the Franklin Mint for 20th Century Fox, so now we know what the old firm is doing on its return to numismatics.

E-mail me at david.harper@fwpubs if you do find one. Let me know how it is put together and what you think of it.

After the contest is over, I imagine all 40,000 quarters will end up on eBay. What do you think they will be worth?