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Quarter mintages could increase

After I posted my blog this morning, my mind just would not change its focus from “S” mint circulation quality 2012 quarters.

I started to think like a speculator as I doodled with the 1.4 million mintage figures for each of the five America the Beautiful quarters.

It would take just 14,000 buyers of the 100-coin bag to wipe out the supply. If everyone bought just 40-coin rolls, just 35,000 buyers could grab all of the coins.

Neither number is large.

I wondered what the Mint would do in such an event, so I sent off an email.

The response came by telephone and I was told that it is the Mint’s intent to mint to demand, that is, if more than 1.4 million examples of each S-mint coin are asked for, the Mint will start up the presses and strike as many as are needed.

That eliminates any need for buyers to be attentive the first day of availability on June 21, but it might require them to check back in with the new coins in December to see if overall demand is what might be considered low.

What number is low?

1.4 million?

2 million?

3 million?

I don’t know, but when the end of the year arrives, collectors will probably know it when they see it.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."