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Proof 2011 gold and silver Eagles already scheduled

Though the Mint won’t issue a press release to say the shortage of gold and silver Eagle planchets is over permanently, just as good for collectors is a list of product release dates for 2011.

Not only will collectors not be kept on the edge of their chairs until late in the year waiting for the proof Eagles, the Mint will bring back the uncirculated one-ounce “W” versions that it sells directly to collectors through its website and telephone order number.

First up in 2011 will be the proof gold American Eagles, which will be issued April 21. The uncirculated “W” ounce will follow May 5.

For silver Eagles, the proof is scheduled to be offered “by” July 6. The uncirculated version is not absolutely definite as it has “TBA” – to be announced by the listing, but the fact this coin made it to the list at all is encouraging for people who want to get it for their collection.

In 2011, collectors will have three one-ounce gold Eagles to buy – the proof, the “W” uncirculated and the regular bullion coin that doesn’t have a mintmark. This will likely be true with the silver as well.

With so much available, will collectors still be willing to step up and buy? We’ll see.

The one-ounce platinum proof Eagle will be offered May 26.

The proof one-ounce Buffalo gold will be April 18.

Still interested in the 5-ounce America the Beautiful series? Well, we’ll have to wait for that.