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Profit Taking Adjusts Gold to $830 Benchmark

A Day to Settle

Profit taking this morning has dipped the spot price of gold and silver, while dropping Platinum nearly 2%. But all precious metals seem to have a pretty solid benchmark and are holding at awesomely high levels. Long-range forecasts are still looking for record-breaking highs before the end of this calendar year.

As a commodity, precious metals, particularly gold, has garnered much media attention lately. However, most investors know that a balanced portfolio is always best for long term stability and growth, so many personal investors are looking for good vehicles to harbor their funds outside the weakening US dollar and unstable stock market. As a result, several large firms are beginning to offer commodities based investment funds, making it easier for the average investor to gain access to various segments of the market with smaller dollar amounts and less knowledge. Commodity indexes are also beginning to pop up in the mainstream, allowing individual investors to track specific areas of personal interest such as energy, agriculture and for the numismatist in us all, precious metals.