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Prize of War Souvenir

Some times coin collecting and military medal collecting over lap. One such example is this 1894 Spanish 5 pesetas coin, KM-700, struck at the Madrid mint. I bought this coin out of the Gary Krug estate many years ago. Some of the old timers reading this will remember Gary who was a well known Chicago dealer and a very active OMSA member in the 1960’s and early 70’s. This coin in high grade is a good item but what caught my attention was the torn in half crumbling envelope that it came in. Printed on the envelope is “September 1st, 1898. To whom it may concern: This is to certify that the enclosed coin is part of those bought by us from the U.S. Government and which were taken from the Spanish Ship “INFANTA MARIA TERESA” destroyed near Santiago de Cuba, on July 3d, 1898. BOLOGNESI, HARTFIELD & CO. Bankers and Brokers, 29 Wall St. New York.”

So this was a coin on the Spanish Cruiser “Infanta Maria Teresa“ destroyed during the Spanish-American War at Santiago Cuba. All ships in those days carried silver coins and this was one of them. Such a direct link to a historical event is hard to beat. Unfortunately the link is a frail paper envelope.