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Presidential Dollar Coins

Presidential Dollars - Of The Future?


Have you been collecting Presidential Dollarsyet? I have been saving them as I come across them in circulation. My wife even got me a pair of Presidential Dollar boards to save them in and just this week a packaging company - Armored Brand USA- sent me a sample of a super bookcase style binderdesigned for collecting Presidential Dollars.

Recently the Andrew JacksonDollar was released and his wild haired presence on a circulating coin is what poped into my head when I came to the end of my next presidential adventure, related below. Keep reading, and don't worry, I won't cross political views with coin collecting too seriously!


The other evening I made a choice to watch the Discovery Channelwith my sons and DVR the Presidential candidates debatefor later viewing. One of the many commercial interuptions we sat through while watching our shows was a political campaign endorsement for one Bob Barr and my youngest son asked who this fellow was, as he had not previously seen his ads.

My youngest son has been watching and discussing the debates with classmates at school this election year and so the prospect of a new candidate, this Bob Barr fellow, both interested and agitated him. In way of explaination, I sought out a website that offered pictures of and links to all known 2008 Presidential candidates who appear on one or more State ballots. There's quite a number of them, and several websites designed to introduce us to them. Take a look for yourself at: Vote Smart or Politics 1 or Wikipedia.


After looking through a number of pages and seeing so many hopeful future presidential faces, I began to wonder, who in all this crowd might one day find their likeness on a Presidental Dollar? Do any of them look like good Presidential Dollar material to you?