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Precious Metals & other Commodities

What to Look For in 2008

Some more cautions and practical financial analysts are begining to shift their position in gold to the short term. I think their perspective is focused on the fact that thier prior projections have been met. Their expectations for both the US dollar and Gold have now occured and the markets are branching out into unexplored terrirtory, so reducing a long term position and shifting to short term holdings is the safe thing to do.

Others are still very bullish, considering rising demand and short falls in supply, but I am always skeptical of pie in the sky. Give me something I am sure of and I'll go, but present circumstances do not offer any assurances for me.

It might be time for investors to look towards other commodities for long term saftey. Most investors know that it is wise to spread your concerns over a wide area for best stability. Perhaps agricultural commodities are worth consideration?

But of course, we are numismatists and our fascination remains in metal discs, so we'll keep watching gold and silver and buy some of the coins we can afford, just for the fun of collecting.