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Platinum numbers studied carefully

I was sitting in the chair at the dentist this morning during my usual blog posting time. I hope the regulars will forgive my tardiness.

I am glad to see comments being posted about the mintage figures for the “W” uncirculated platinum American Eagle coins.

First, I will answer the inquiry about where I get the numbers. I obtain them directly from the Mint’s press office as they become available each week. I appreciate the Mint’s help in getting them to me because I know how closely these are followed, especially at the end of each year.

As far as the comparisons to the “W” proofs go, I will mention that these numbers are published each week in Numismatic News and are also published each Thursday on the Web site and the Web site.

The uncirculated ounce stands at 393, while the proof version currently stands at 1,560.

The half-ounce uncirculated total is 802 and the proof half ounce is 781.

For the quarter ounce, the uncirculated is 2,138 and the proof is 1,025.

The tenth-ounce uncirculated is 2,500 and the proof version is 2,224.

The four-coin set of uncirculated coins stands at 1,191 and the proof four-coin set is 1,390.

That’s it for today. Let the parsing begin.